Friday, October 31, 2008

Two Months Old

The twins are now two months old. (Please pretend that I had been able to post this on Monday, October 27th). They had their two month check up the day they turned two months old exactly. It wasn't a very happy day. They had to get three shots, and they cry real tears now, so it was extra sad for Mommy and Daddy to watch. They were extra fussy the rest of the day, and they both had fevers, but it wasn't too bad. That night David slept through the night for the first time! A whole seven hours of sleeping without crying or eating once!!! I was really looking forward to that night. Too bad Erik cried the entire night, so I actually ended up getting only one or two hours of sleep total. Silly babies! David slept seven hours the next night too, and Erik only woke once. I got to sleep for five hours straight! It was heaven. The night after that Erik slept for 7 hours, but David woke up once. Again I got about 5 hours. Now I'm waiting for the magic day when they both sleep through the night.

Before they went to the doctor, we took some pictures to remember the day. These little outfits were from their Great-Aunt Angela (not to be confused with great Aunt Gigi).

We even caught David smiling a little. They never smile as cute in their pictures as they do in real life. David is on the left, and Erik is on the right. Don't they look like they are holding hands?

I think Angee gave me the idea to take a picture of the boys with an object once a month to see how they grow. I decided the teddy bears Aunt Jen gave them would be perfect. We also went with the diaper only look to get a better idea of how big they really are. (About as big as their bears!) Here is baby David sticking his tongue out for the camera.

And here is baby Erik. It looks like his teddy has his arm around him. Look close and you can see Erik's outie belly button. The pediatrician said that his belly button will eventually go in, but it won't happen until he is three to five years old. I think it is cute, but Steve is glad because he didn't want Erik to feel like he was the only one in our family with an outie.

And here are the twins together. You can really see how different they look when they are side by side like this. (David left, Erik right). Their bellies look pretty similar I guess. And they are both turning into rolly pollies!

Here are the twin bears. They are fraternal too, but it's a little harder to tell them apart. I only wish I had taken the boys pictures at birth and one month, too. Still, it will be so fun to see how they grow.

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