Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My twins are so cute!

David and Erik have both gotten really good at sitting on their own. We took these pictures about a week ago, and because they are so cute, I thought I would share them. Please ignore the messy faces and clothes. The boys are good at sitting, but they need a little more practice eating (and keeping the food in their bellies)!

Erik and David look like best buddies in this picture. "Hey, Brother!" Shortly after the picture was taken, Erik "accidentally" pushed David over. To be fair, it doesn't take much to make him topple.

Here they are both almost smiling. Not quite a big grin from either one, but they both look happy, so I'm happy. Wow they're cute!

Friday, March 13, 2009

6 months old!

The twins are 6 months old and cuter than ever! Just for fun I put their 2 month pictures in this post to compare. They sure were little. Enjoy!

Baby David at 6 months. He looks so happy!

And here's baby David at 2 months. He already loves his tongue.

Baby Erik at 6 months old. He's pretty tired in this picture, but he still looks cute. Note how he and his teddy are making the same face and pose.

And here is baby Erik at 2 months. Look at that chub!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


This Saturday was full of adventures for our sweet little boys. First we went with Jordan, Carly, and Sam to The Famous Lehi Days Rodeo (the sign said it was famous). We ate some pretty good barbecue and some really yummy popsicles. We also took the babies for a ride on a pony named Zipper. Their first pony ride, boy were they cute. Then when we got home the boys had another first: swimming! We put them in the cutest little outfits, and then we all got in the pool. The pool is heated, so it was pretty much like taking a bath, and the boys really seemed to like it. David even started splashing, and Erik kept trying to drink the water. It was a really fun day, although Steve and I were both really tired when it was over.

Baby David riding Zipper the pony. Well, sitting cutely anyways.

And here's baby Erik taking his turn on Zipper. He was so sleepy by the time it was our turn. (Carly and Sam are in the background!)

All my boys getting ready for a swim. Erik is on the left and David is right. Aren't their shoes so stinkin' cute?!?!

Here are the babies in the pool. David, Erik, and Sam all rockin' their hats!

Wet t-shirt contest anyone?

And here's the whole family hangin' in the pool. Good times.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The boys have lots of nicknames. Steve loves to make up new words to call them including squud (pronounced skwud, but Steve insists that it be spelled with a q), squunch, squudbert, and snoogle. But mostly we call David "monster" or "David monster" because of how he opens his mouth really big and tries to eat everything in sight. Erik is "super baby" because he loves to arch his back when you hold him in the air (and when I'm trying to change his diapers). So Jen and I were shopping for swimming suits for the babies when we saw these two onesies, and I just HAD to buy them!

David's says "Mommy's Little Monster."

Erik's says "Super Baby."

It's also funny to note that since they were born whenever we needed to designate color on something, David was our green baby and Erik was our blue baby. Weird. It's like these shirts were made for my babies!

Sweet Potatoes!

The twins have started eating vegetables, and we decided to start with sweet potatoes. Until now they haven't eaten any food except for rice cereal (which smells disgusting with the formula I mix it with), and Erik was not too enthusiastic about it. I could get him to eat it, but it was clear he didn't like it. I was worried he was going to do this with all foods, but luckily that was not the case. Both boys LOVED sweet potatoes. They have had it for lunch for four days now, and they can both eat a whole jar after nursing! I'm excited to try a new veggie tomorrow.
Baby David's before shot. He looks so cute in his little band!

Here's baby Erik looking scared in his before shot.

And here is "after David" with a messy but happy face (and an empty bowl!)

And baby Erik's after shot. His bib was so messy because he would get so excited that he would push the food off the spoon before I could get it into his mouth. He even made yummy sounds. I love it!