Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The boys were really too little to do anything grand for Halloween. But Jordan, Carly, and Sam all came over (with yummy pumpkin cookies), and then we all made ourselves sick on too much sugar. Please enjoy these pictures of our cute little punkins!

Here are David, Sam, and Erik as little jack-o-lanterns.

And here is a full body shot. Sam was the only baby who would look at the camera.

Here is Daddy with his boys. Don't they look cute?

And here is Mommy with her babies. They were so ready for bed, but we needed a picture to put in their baby books under "first holiday."


Rob & Michelle Greer said...

Oh, I am so glad you tracked us down! Your boys are absolutely adorable! They make cute pumpkins. We love our little guy and he keeps us busy so I cannot imagine having two. Congrats!!!

Yankee Girl said...

They are so cute and getting big too--or at least bigger.

Janel said...

How cute are they! They are so big! I have missed out on a lot of pictures; it’ll be fun to catch up. I'm so glad you guy's started a blog.