Friday, October 31, 2008

Kristi's Birthday

We kept my birthday pretty low key this year. We can't really go places very easily, so we had a few of our favorite people over to our place. We wish Angee and Robby could have made it, but they live too far away. Just kidding Angee. I wanted the boys to wear these really cute puppy outfits that Aunt Gigi gave them. Instead Erik decided to poop in his. Then he spit up all over the next thing I put him in. I asked the boys to sleep through the night as a present to Mommy. Instead they both peed on me, and I had to change Erik three times in one hour. Silly babies!

We had a picnic in our living room. Here is the Nichols family enjoying their time at our house. (You had a good time, right?) Sam is getting so cute (not that he wasn't cute before) and so big! We're so glad that Jordan and Carly live so close, or rather that we live so close to them. They did live here first.

Sam said, "I have a binki!"
Jordan said, "I have a binki!"

Here's a Harris family picture! Jake and Jen are in front; Kristi, Steve, and Mike are across the back; and Erik and David are in Granddad's arms.
He we are again with Grandma Nanette. Jen and Jake in front again, and the boys are in Grandma's arms this time. Erik on the left and David on the right (when you look at the picture). It was so nice having Nanette here for the weekend. She hadn't seen the twins since they were one week old, so she was happy to be here too! She made the most delicious pot roast, tasty cupcakes, and yummy chocolate crinkle cookies. Yum!

I think this is my favorite picture from the whole night. Three generations of Harris boys. Steve is holding Erik, and Granddad (Mike) is holding David.

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