Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Love my Littles

Jack at 2 months

 Anna at 22 months

Erik at 4 1/2 years

David at 4 1/2 years

Love my twins!

Love my babies!!

Love all my littles!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013


David and Erik got new bikes from Granddad. They are loving learning how to ride. 

Erik still needs help getting started, but he is great at steering. Every time he rides he always says "I'm doing it! I'm riding all by myself!"

Erik learning to ride.

Smile for the camera.

David loves to go fast, so we had a lesson on stopping last time. He kept trying to put his feet down to stop (like he did with his trike), and that wasn't working.

David trying to run me over. 

David enjoying his bike.

Anna also got a bike. Aunt Jen won it in a baby contest, but since baby Penny won't need it for awhile, they are letting Anna borrow it. She loves to ride!

Anna enjoying her bike.

See ya!

Frosted Flakes

Jack got his first taste of solid food this morning courtesy of his big sister Anna. I changed Jack's diaper, set him in his chair, and went to throw away his diaper. When I turned around, Anna was shoving Frosted Flakes in Jack's mouth. I pulled the cereal out and went to toss it. This time I turn around and Anna has covered Jack in blankets. I pull the blankets off his face, and Anna perches on his chair next to him. I tell her to get down, and she does (reluctantly). Then she starts kissing all of the ducks on his jammies. She sure loves her little brother. I just hope she doesn't love him to death.

Anna sitting on Jack's chair.