Monday, January 20, 2014

Elf Fun part 1

The kids loved doing Elf on the Shelf this year. Here are some of our memories.

Finding our elf. The kids named him Christmas Tree.

Day 1
Good morning sweet children! Look what I found.
These cups are great fun, all silver and round.
What do you think we could do with these cups?
We could mix up some cookies and then eat them up!
And wouldn’t it be nice and loving and sweet,
To go to our neighbors and share our fun treat?

Christmas Tree in the measuring cups. We decided to make Grandpa cookie truffle balls, otherwise known as oreo truffles. Here is a link to the recipe.

Erik and David smashing the oreos up.

Smooshing in the cream cheese.


 Day 2
Hello my dears. Were your dreams sweet?
I enjoyed your tasty Christmas treat.
Santa says “hi” and hopes that today
You will try hard to be kind and obey.
And what better way to show kindness to others
Than serving your very own sister and brothers.
So today think of something nice you can do
Like read a story or help pick up a shoe.
Then after you do your kind action (or three!)
Tell your parents about it, and then come tell me!

Christmas Tree helped himself to some of our cookies! Then he challenged the kids to find a way to serve each other. The boys cleared each other's plates at lunch and then argued over who got to clear Anna's. They settled on one clearing her plate and the other putting away her boots.

Day 3
I hope your day is merry and bright.
I know a way we can start it off right.
Let’s have an indoor snowball fight!!
This was one of our favorite days. Just some rolled up socks and a whole lot of fun. Even Anna got in on the action.

Day 4
Let these colorful bells with voices ring.
Today is the perfect time to sing,
Songs about snow and the birth of a King.
We have these kid play bells. They are so much fun. I found this blog that has color coded music charts already made. Bonus!

 Day 5
Hello my dear ones. Do you see what I’ve made?
This kind of snowflake won’t melt or fade.
Snowflakes are unique, both paper and ice.
Each one is special. Isn’t that nice?

Just like snowflakes, God’s children are all special too.
And He loves them all. He loves me. He loves you.
He loves us so much that He gave us His Son.
So we can repent and our wrongs be undone.

Let’s make some snowflakes, it’s easy and quick.
With paper and scissors, I’ll teach you this trick.
And whenever you see the snowflake you made,
Remember God loves you, and His love does not fade.

 Christmas Tree and his paper snowflake. The kids loved making these and hanging them in their bedroom.