Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rice Cereal Fun!

Jen and I were feeding the boys lunch today, and they looked so cute, I couldn't help myself: I had to pull out the camera and take these darling pictures!

David enjoying his rice cereal. Yum!
Erik, refused to smile at the camera, so I had Jen distract him while I captured his cute smile on film!
Baby David all messy!
Baby Erik all messy!

David Matthew's Band

So David's head has developed a flat spot on the right side and is flattened overall, and his pediatrician and a specialist both recommended getting a band to correct the shape. (I always called it a helmet before he got one, but the company that make his calls it a "doc band." I think to avoid confusion with a safety helmet). His official diagnoses are plagiocephaly and brachycephaly if you're interested. He has had his band on for a week now, and already we can tell a difference. The hardest part has been seeing him uncomfortable and sad, knowing what was wrong, but not being able to fix it. He has to wear the band 23 hours a day, and it makes it hard for him to sleep. But he has adjusted quickly, and the last three nights he's slept really well. We went to a check up today, and the doctor was really pleased with his progress. Hopefully he'll keep growing really fast, and he'll be band-less soon. Until then, he still looks pretty stinkin' cute!

I guess we should have expected this what with his name being "David Matthew." How could he not end up in a band? :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

5 months old!

Has anyone else noticed that I like to use exclamation points in my titles? Well, I do!!! Anyways, the boys are now 5 months old, and that means more pictures with their teddies. They seem to like their bears more now, although not as much as they like their sock monkeys. (I'll have to do another post on that later). The boys are both growing well. David is 15 pounds 2 ounces, and Erik is 15 pounds even. They are eating rice cereal twice a day now, and their poop has gotten disgusting. It's so fun though, seeing them grow up, even if it means some extra smelly diapers. It took a while to get back on schedule since we came home from vacation, but the boys are back to sleeping 9-10 hours at night, and I'm thinking of dropping another feeding. I kind of don't want to because it is my favorite time to nurse them. I love snatching them out of their cribs one at a time and watching them munch as they sleep. It's precious. I know I'll have to give it up sometime, but until then, I'll just enjoy them and be happy they are happy and healthy.

Here is baby David with his smiling cutely (is that a word) with his teddy. Steve and I think it's funny how the happier he is, the bigger his mouth gets.

I just thought David looked cute (and a little confused) in this picture.

Baby Erik just loves to eat his hands. He even managed to smile while doing it.

And here is Erik making a weird face. I don't know what he's thinking, but I wish I did!

I think this one of the twins is cute, but Steve thinks they both have "crazy eyes." We both think it's funny, so it is naturally our new desktop.