Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of Plindergarten!

Today was David and Erik's first day of kindergarten. Or as David says "plindergarten." I had the bus time wrong, so we missed it. The boys were really sad. So was I. I know they were really excited to ride the bus. But they still had a great time at school.

Since they have a summer birthday, their teacher had them celebrate today. Each of them got to pick 5 kids to be their candles. Then they sang "Happy Birthday," (David went first they informed me), and when they blew out their "candles," they kids fell down. They both declared this the best part of their day. Even better than recess.

They loved riding the bus home. They loved it so much they didn't want to get off the bus. I had a mini heart attack when they didn't get off. But when I climbed on, there they were, all smiles. It was a great day.

As a fun tradition (thank you pinterest) we decided to ask them "what do you want to be when you grow up?" at the beginning of each school year.

David wants to be be a policeman "because then I can bring the bad guys to jail." That's very David. He wants things to be fair and just, and he doesn't want bad guys to roam free.

Erik wants to be a fireman "because they sound awesome." That's Erik. He likes everything awesome.

My future civil servants: