Friday, October 24, 2008

2 weeks to 4 weeks

Here are some more pictures of our twin boys being super cute! I still can't get over how small they were. They look like giants compared to these pictures.

I like to call this picture "chicken legs." I can't believe how skinny they are!!! They are about 2 weeks old in this picture, so they weighed about 6 pounds each. David is on the left and Erik is on the right. David just loved to buzz in that chair. He would always spread his legs way out to get maximum buzzing.

Granddad just loves his two little grandsons. And they love him too!

This picture is a great example of how the boys were during their first month of life. Erik was wide awake (grandma called it "big eyes"), and David had his eyes closed. I read somewhere that a lot of preemie babies will shut their eyes to avoid becoming over stimulated. That was our David.

When our boys were little, they didn't like to do tummy time for very long. We sure loved making them do it though because they would pose like little break dancers. Here is David showing off his best moves!

This one is Erik's specialty. I call it "The Cobra."

My mom and sister took some really cute pictures of the twins in these pea pod outfits. Naturally David slept through the whole thing. We didn't get any with his eyes open. So when he was alert later that afternoon, I took these pictures. I love this one because they look like they're staring at each other.
Everyone says twins have their own language. I'm not sure, but doesn't it look like David is whispering some secret to Erik. From Erik's expression, it's a pretty good secret.

Here's Daddy loving up his boys. Erik (in green) is just staring at Steve. David (in blue) is sleeping as usual.


Rachel Moore said...

Oh my goodness! It is sooo fun to see your little ones. What a very exciting, hard, sleep-deprived, entertaining, and spiritual time for you guys.. did I mention hard? I hope you're doing okay.. your boys are adorable!! Good job!

chadandsydney said...

I wanna hold them!!!! I am so happy for you guys

JDHDesigns01 said...

KRISTI!!! I'm so happy for you! I found Angie and John on Facebook, and Angie's pic is of her holding your son. John told me about his blog, and that's how I found you! Involved, huh? Your sons are beautiful!!! Feel free to checkout my blog, I'm still really new at it, so it's still a little weird. Where in AZ are you? it would be fun to get together!