Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Months Old!

The boys are three months old now, and they are cuter than ever! Jen and I went to weigh them yesterday at a cute little baby store called Baby, Mother, and More. Steve noticed a few days ago that David was looking big, and he was right. David now weighs more than Erik, although not by much. Erik weighed in at 13 lb 0 oz, and David was 13 lb 6 oz. That puts them both in the 50th percentile for weight (unadjusted!), so I guess they are growing just fine. I was nervous about being able to nurse them, but they seem to be just thriving. Now, enough talk. On to the cute pictures!

Here is Erik rocking his white onesie in his bouncy chair. We have more pictures of them in these chairs than anything else.

And here's baby David. His cheeks have really started to fill out, and I think they look more alike now than ever (which I love!)

Remember the chicken legs picture? Well, no more chicken legs here. These are chunky babies! I love Erik sucking on his hand. They have both recently discovered their hands. They won't take a binkie, but they love to suck on their knuckles. Cute!

Here is a big smile from David. I took these pictures on a blanket that the twins' Great-Grandma Manley made for them.

And a smirk from baby Erik. Check out the chins!

We couldn't forget the bears! David really seems to like his teddy now. I think the soft bear fur tickled his bare skin.

Attack of the teddy bears! Erik was just stinking cute busting out of the teddy bear pile.

Sweatin' with the Babies!

My friend Jessica got the twins these totally cute monster truck sweat suits. It was chilly and rainy a few days ago (a rare occurrence here), and so we tried them out. I couldn't help it; I had to pull out my camera.
David is such a cutie baby. He smiles so big all the time now.

And another grin! He looks so much like Steve the older he gets. I love it!

Erik is less cooperative when it comes to picture time. He smiles just as much as David (maybe more) and he has the cutest grins, but when he sees the camera, this is the look I get.

I caught the end of this one. I wish everyone could see his full "Buddha smile" as Steve calls it.

Here they are just chillin' on the floor. It almost looks like they're holding hands.

Erik being camera shy again. Silly baby!

Jen's Graduation

Jen finally graduated from Tony and Guy hair school, and we went to go celebrate with her. Everyone at the school was so excited to see us, well not me, the babies. They had heard so much about the boys from their loving Aunt Jen. We were just happy that she was so happy and that we could share in her happiness.

Here's Jen clocking out for the last time! Hurray!
Here she is so happy with her friends. I just love her smile.
And here's one of her with her twin nephews. So cute! (Yes, I did try to match what they were going to wear that day to what I knew Jen was going to wear that day. I'm silly that way.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eat at Joe's!

We took the twins out to dinner for the very first time while all our family was in town for their baby blessings. We went to Joe's Real Barbecue of course because it's awesome. My dad didn't believe I could eat the whole potato, but I did. Eating for three has made me so hungry! The boys didn't actually get to eat anything, but I'm still putting this picture in their baby books and calling it their first trip out to dinner. It's funny how their baby books motivate me to take a lot of pictures I normally wouldn't have. It's good though. I like having something to tell me what to do and what to write about. It was especially helpful during those first few weeks when I couldn't really think straight from exhaustion. Here we are in front of the tracker. I'm holding Erik in blue, and Steve has David in brown. We had two different people at the restaurant ask us if David was a girl. I guess they couldn't read that his shirt said "handsome." Also, girls wear pink, not brown. I'll definitely think twice before having him wear that outfit out in public again, though. (Thanks to Angee for the pic!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Magical Day!

Last night the boys both slept through the night (seven hours)!!! I got about 6 1/2 hours, and I feel so fabulous. Today they napped and ate really well, too. Except that David had decided he no longer drinks from bottles. Today was the second time in two days that he wouldn't eat from his bottle. (Jen watched the boys while Steve and I went to vote). I don't know why David refused because he took a bottle of formula just fine on Sunday, and I'm certain that expressed milk tastes better than the smelly formula. I just hope he'll take a bottle of something, or I won't be able to go see Twilight. It is supposed to be the first movie that Steve and I are going to see since the boys have been born, and I'm really looking forward to it. Here's hoping that the twins have another good night tonight and that David stops acting like a baby. =>

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The boys were really too little to do anything grand for Halloween. But Jordan, Carly, and Sam all came over (with yummy pumpkin cookies), and then we all made ourselves sick on too much sugar. Please enjoy these pictures of our cute little punkins!

Here are David, Sam, and Erik as little jack-o-lanterns.

And here is a full body shot. Sam was the only baby who would look at the camera.

Here is Daddy with his boys. Don't they look cute?

And here is Mommy with her babies. They were so ready for bed, but we needed a picture to put in their baby books under "first holiday."