Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Week Home

So I'm a little behind recording all of the cute things the boys have done. Here are a few cute pictures from the boys' first week home.

Here is Mommy holding both of her beautiful baby boys. They were so little. Erik is on the left in blue, and David is on the right with a binki.

This one is Erik sleeping in his crib. They spent a lot of time sleeping that first week home. We actually figured out that Erik slept better with his arms swaddled by his side. We called him our baby burrito. He was pretty good at escaping though.

I love this picture! David found his thumb (on accident), and he looked truly happy. After the shock of finding something in his mouth, he started sucking so hard, and then he smiled with his thumb still in his mouth.

Here's a darling one of Mommy holding Erik. We don't really know why he's making that face, but I think it's really cute. He's definitely lovable just like his shirt says.
David just loved sleeping in people's arms. This picture shows him asleep on his Granddad's shoulder. We later figured out that David would often be awake when he looked like he was sleeping. He just preferred to experience the world with his eyes closed. I think he's actually asleep in this picture though.

The boys often slept in this position. Daddy laid down and joined in the fun. We figured out that they are about 1/40 the size of their daddy (by weight) in this picture.

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