Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crawling Babies!

David and Erik are learning to crawl! They aren't very fast yet, but they are extremely cute. I guess we'll have to finish baby-proofing our apartment now. I think it's really interesting that the boys seem to be developing at such similar rates. They have pretty much done everything (rolling over, sitting unsupported, cutting teeth, pulling up) within a week of each other. I'm counting today as the day they "started" crawling (their baby books have a place to record the date of milestones like this), but they've been so close for about 2 weeks now. Steve said they had to move in one direction for a few "steps" to be actually crawling. So you can judge for yourself if you think they have it yet. Enjoy! (Thanks for the camera and the much improved picture quality, Granddad!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, we're moving to Texas. Steve got accepted and offered a nice scholarship to a Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, so we are off to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I'm nervous and excited and sad and happy all at the same time. I'm nervous about living in a new place. I'm excited to meet new people and experience new things. I'm sad that we won't live close to our family and friends here in Arizona. I'm happy that Steve is excited to go back to school. Things are going to be crazy for the next few months while we try to figure things out, but we both feel that it's going to be a great three years!

We have a trip to Texas planned to look for an apartment, and we're looking forward to having some time with just the two of us (Angee, Robby, and Jen are going to watch the boys for us). We found some good deals on flights and hotel, but I'm still nervous about actually finding a good place to live in only three days. I've also never left my babies for more than a few hours, so I hope I'm not a total mess. At least I know they'll be in good hands while I'm gone. It just didn't make sense to try to bring them along. We wouldn't be able to get things done nearly at quickly. I've been slowly weaning them the past week and a half, and it's going really well.

Also Steve has to be at orientation on August 13th, so that means we have about two months to pack, move, and unpack before school starts. I'm not stressed out yet, but I know I will be.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I tried really hard to think of a clever title...

Well it is Wednesday, and that means it is time to blog. I have been so disorganized these last few weeks because we ran out of ink, so I couldn't print my chore chart. But things are better now that I have my chart to guide me (I feel foolish. I made the chart. I decided what went on it. I'm the one who did the chores. I could have just kept doing the things on it. But it just isn't the same if I can't check off the boxes).

Okay, so. Here is what has been happening here:

David has the terrible new habit of spitting his food all over. He takes a couple of bites just fine at first, and then his just starts blowing non-stop raspberries. (Sigh). He gets so messy, and I'm worried he's not eating enough because he's having too much fun playing. He's been waking early from naps because of it, and I just don't know what to do with the kid. I guess the answer is take a darling picture and post it on my blog. That way I vent some frustration, others can give me some helpful hints, and everyone can have a good laugh.

Erik's story is a little sweeter. Steve went to get him from a nap on Saturday and found him all curled up on his side with his blanket. We had to take a picture because he looked so stinkin' cute!

So many times I find myself longing for the time when the boys are asleep and I can get things done or have some time to myself. Then when they are in their room, they are all I can think about. Sometimes I want to go wake them up so we can play and snuggle. I don't, but I think about it. :)

Also included in this week's pictures are some photos of the babies' room. I've been working on these decorations for months, and this Saturday I finally hung them up (with Steve's help). We hung a bunch of other things too. Steve says I have used up all of my "hanging things credits," so I'll have to earn some more before Saturday.

Messy baby David! He has decided that spitting his food is the best thing in the world. Mommy disagrees.

Sleeping baby Erik all snuggled up. Steve went to get Erik up from a nap and found him like this. We had to take a picture before we woke him. So sweet!

These next two are at a baby's eye view because that is the only way I could get the crib and the name in the picture.

Please ignore the messy laundry. I didn't realize it was in the picture. :/

Angee helped me with this one a lot. The frames at the bottom are still crooked, but I haven't bothered to fix them yet. I want to get some more recent pictures in them first.