Saturday, February 1, 2014

Elf Fun part 4

 Day 16
I made some new friends last night, and we sure had fun.
We beat all the bad guys until there were none.
You can fight for what’s right and be super too.
If you always try to do as Jesus would do.

At my dad's company Christmas party, Santa gave the boys Iron Man and Iron Patriot. They were so excited that Santa knew that Erik's favorite color was red and David's favorite color was blue. Christmas Tree thought they were cool toys too and made friends quickly.

Day 17
These Christmas cards look really great!
Let’s mail them quickly so they won’t be late. 

 This was another favorite activity. While the littles were napping, David and Erik pretended to be my elves and helped me get our Christmas cards ready to send. I stuffed the envelopes, Erik put on the stamp, and David stuck on the return address label. Then I sealed them up. It really was fun, and we got it done so quickly.

Day 18
Get out of bed.
It’s time to sled!

The kids had a lot of fun sledding on the snow mountain of Erik.

Day 19
I love this book about jolly Saint Nick.
What’s your favorite Christmas book, if you had to pick?
Let’s read it together because reading is neat!
Especially together with your family so sweet.

 Christmas Tree's favorite book is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. David liked it the best too. Erik liked Snowmen at Christmas. Anna liked Olivia Helps with Christmas.

Day 20
Only one more sleep ‘til Christmas,
Then I’ll be on my way.
Back up to the North Pole
With Santa on his sleigh.
But I’ll be back again next year 
With more Christmas cheer and fun
To help us all remember
The gift of God’s own Son.

Merry Christmas Harris family!

Christmas Tree brought us Christmas pjs and promised to be back next year. The kids still talk about him (David misses him a lot), and they can't wait to see him again.

Elf Fun part 3

Day 11
Marshmallows are so soft and sweet.
As you enjoy this special treat,
Remember to be kind to those you meet.

 Good thing I took a picture because the first thing the kids did when they saw this was eat up all the marshmallows. Kindness is sweet. :)

 Day 12
Here’s something that would be fun.
Let’s play a board game with everyone.

Playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

Day 13
Let’s whip up a snack of popcorn and cocoa. 
Then snuggle on the couch and watch a Christmas show.

 We watched our favorite Christmas movie: A Muppet Christmas Carol

Day 14
At Christmas we remember when Christ came to the earth
With these toys and the Bible, we can reenact his birth.

This was one of David's favorite elf activities. He loved finding the characters as I read Luke 2.

Day 15
Let’s use these crayons, it won’t be hard,
To color a pretty Christmas card.

 David and Erik learned how to draw a Christmas tree.

Elf Fun part 2

Day 6
Let’s get bundled up and play in the snow.
Then come inside for some warm cocoa.

Day 7
Candy canes are tasty and sweet.
But we can find meaning in this Christmas treat.
Bent in the shape of a shepherd’s crook,
These canes are a symbol of those who did look
And follow the star to a tiny child,
A newborn King, all meek and mild.
Like shepherds of old guiding their sheep,
The Savior will help you the commandments keep.
So while you enjoy this peppermint staff,
Remember to follow in His perfect path.

Day 8
The Lord is my light, then why should I fear?
Let’s hang up these lights to spread Christmas cheer.
But first can you help me get out of here?!

Day 9
Giving gifts is a great way to show
How much we care about those we know.
And when we show love, our love will grow
And deep inside our hearts will glow.

Day 10
Just 2 weeks ‘til Christmas! It’s getting near.
Let’s make a chain to let us know when it’s here.
Fourteen links, counting down all the way.
When they are all gone, it will be Christmas day!