Wednesday, September 23, 2009

David's First Haircut

David got his first haircut on September 19, 2009. It was sad to cut off his fluffy puff hair, but he looks darling now too, just a whole lot older! He did not like the clippers. I think they reminded him of his archenemy, the vacuum. :) Steve had to hold him the whole time, while I tried to cut. We ended up missing a pretty big spot, but we didn't notice until we were at church the next day. Sorry you had silly hair for a day, David! He loves his toothbrush lately, so we gave him that to calm him down after the trauma. Enjoy!

David's first haircut (part 1)

David's first haircut (part 2)


Here's a nice view of the back. Doesn't his head look so round? :)

Erik's First Haircut

We gave Erik his very first haircut on September 19, 2009. We started video taping and then realized we should take a before picture with the still camera. So he has two takes of his part one video. :) He just made the cutest smile in the first part, so I wanted to post it.

He did a good job. He thought the clippers were funny, at least for awhile. He got really sick of sitting in his high chair, and it was very hard to cut his hair because it is so fine. He was crying by the time it was all over, but he had a good time in the bath afterwords. And his hair turned out pretty cute. We noticed it looks a lot lighter in color now that it is shorter.


Eri's first haircut (part 1, take 1)

Erik's first haircut (part 1, take 2)

Erik's first haircut (part 2)



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bath Time!

Sippy Cup Success

Yay! My babies drink milk from sippy cups! They still get a bottle of formula in the morning, but at all of their other meals, they are sippy cup pros! Okay, not pros. Professionals wouldn't drop their cups every two minutes, but they are getting pretty good. I posted proof. :)

We are sipping time babies!

Erik's close up

David's close up

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Risky Business Babies

The boys wore their cute new outfits to church on Sunday. (I still can't believe that they are in 12 months clothes!) We took their pants off for naps, and I just never bothered to put them back on. We decided they looked like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. So, we gave them some sunglasses and took some really cute pictures. Boys, please don't start running a burlesque house while I'm gone on vacation, okay?

This is our new desktop. Erik's eyes are so funny, and David is doing something weird with his mouth. I love it!!!

Erik looking a little too cool and a lot too cute!

David didn't wear his sunglasses for long. :)

His expression is priceless! What is that baby thinking?

Apparently glasses are better for eating than for wearing. That's babies I guess. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Our Very First Birthday

The twins had their very first birthday! It was a fun-filled day of check-ups, shots, driving to the airport, balloons, special buttons, baked beef stew, and birthday cake! I think they had a good day, but boy was I exhausted!

David wearing his "It's our very first birthday" button.

Erik playing with his button, and David trying to get in on the action.

David being a lounging baby.

Erik reading a book he got from mommy for his birthday.

David wasn't too sure about those balloons.

Erik was sure that he hated them!

I made them another cake, but this time it was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Erik LOVED it! He sucked it right up.

David liked his too! CHEESE!