Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Months Old!

The boys are three months old now, and they are cuter than ever! Jen and I went to weigh them yesterday at a cute little baby store called Baby, Mother, and More. Steve noticed a few days ago that David was looking big, and he was right. David now weighs more than Erik, although not by much. Erik weighed in at 13 lb 0 oz, and David was 13 lb 6 oz. That puts them both in the 50th percentile for weight (unadjusted!), so I guess they are growing just fine. I was nervous about being able to nurse them, but they seem to be just thriving. Now, enough talk. On to the cute pictures!

Here is Erik rocking his white onesie in his bouncy chair. We have more pictures of them in these chairs than anything else.

And here's baby David. His cheeks have really started to fill out, and I think they look more alike now than ever (which I love!)

Remember the chicken legs picture? Well, no more chicken legs here. These are chunky babies! I love Erik sucking on his hand. They have both recently discovered their hands. They won't take a binkie, but they love to suck on their knuckles. Cute!

Here is a big smile from David. I took these pictures on a blanket that the twins' Great-Grandma Manley made for them.

And a smirk from baby Erik. Check out the chins!

We couldn't forget the bears! David really seems to like his teddy now. I think the soft bear fur tickled his bare skin.

Attack of the teddy bears! Erik was just stinking cute busting out of the teddy bear pile.

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Jen said...

I'm so impressed that you're able to nurse them both! They both are really cute and look so healthy. It's something we always worry about. Looks like you're having fun.