Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Erik has trouble with the "F" sound, he either substitutes "S" or "P" so at night we don't watch a nice game of Wheel of Fortune, we all sit on the couch enjoying Wheel of Portune. I had a similar problem when I was little that resulted in my being unable to say my own name, when I tried it came out "Meemon." One of my Dad's favorite stories about me is when someone imitated my pronunciation of my own name and I corrected them vehemently saying: "My name's not Meemon, my name's Meemon!!" In a similar vein Erik and I were discussing fish, which he pronounces "sish" or "sishy," and I imitated him. "Right, a sishy..." he cut me off and looked me in the eyes and said very earnestly: "Not sishy. Sish."

We watched conference this weekend and out here among the gentiles we had to go to our ward building to watch the satellite broadcast. When the broadcast started and the panorama inside the conference center came on the screen Erik saw the organ and declared, "It's a monster, it's scary!" Kristi told him: "It's not a monster, it's an organ." He immediately declared that "It's a organ, it's scary!" Erik is kind of awesome.

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Daniel & Kelli McDowell Family said...

Ha Ha! My Charlotte has the same problem with her s's. The best was when she tried to call me a smarty pants and it came out "farty pants!"