Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Boy Bed Adventures!

Well, today was the day. We made the switch from cribs to big boy beds. Really, we just converted the cribs, but I have to admit that I cried (just a little) looking at their beds because it just seemed like such a big step! I also cried the first time the boys used a fork, so I admit that I am a cry baby. :)

Nap time went pretty well. Daddy had a dodge ball tournament this morning (a fundraiser for an organization at his school), so we were out a little past nap time, and the boys fell asleep in the car for a few minutes. They went right back to sleep once we were home, and they were really excited to sleep in their "big boy beds." We had really hyped it this morning.

They didn't stay asleep as long as normal, but David woke poopy, so that is probably (hopefully!) the reason.

Tonight they didn't go down as easily. They got right into bed when I told them to, but as soon as I shut the door, they jumped up and were running around and laughing with each other. They tried to come out several times, went back when I told them to, but were up again as soon as I shut the door.

My solution? I turned their door knob around so I could lock them in. Once they realized they were stuck, they both started crying. I went back in and told them they needed to go to sleep. David was very upset that he was stuck in his room, but I told him the door was going to stay shut. I gave them each one more kiss, and then left again. And then they went right to sleep!!!!

I just checked on them, and they are both sleeping peacefully in their big boy beds. And it only took about 30 minutes from the first "good night" to asleep, which for the first night, I'm calling a success.


Liz said...

Grant's doorknob was turned around for quite some time. Let's just say it wasn't an easy transition, but we made it! Good luck:) Just remember to not get too discourage about the bad nights and not too excited about the good nights...:)

Jen said...

I always cried when the crib was put away too. At least you'll be setting another one up in just a few months! Congrats on the girl news!