Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Good Crap!"

This morning as Steve was headed out the door to school (for his last day of classes this semester, yay!), he accidentally let in a spider. It was big enough that it made him jump backwards. Steve doesn't like spiders or any bugs for that matter, so I didn't think much of it, but he was seriously concerned about leaving us alone with that spider in the house.

He thought it went under the couch, so he lifted it up to see if I could see the spider. Nothing. But his carpool was here, so he had to go. I wasn't too worried. We get a lot of spiders here, and how big could it really be?

Well I went back to washing dishes (Erik was in his bedroom playing and David was in the family room), and not a minute goes by when David says "Mommy a brown spider. A brown spider by my Pooh car." And sure enough, there by his Pooh car was the spider. And it was GIANT!!! I kid you not, it was the size of David's hand.

So even though I was expecting it, I couldn't help but yell "good crap that's a big spider!" And naturally both boys start exclaiming "good crap! good crap! good crap!" Well I guess there are worse things I could have said. :)

Sorry. No picture. I just wanted that thing out of my house! I'm fairly certain it was a wolf spider. A wolf spider the size of a baby tarantula!


John Hepworth said...

Yikes Sis! Did you smash it or just push it back out the door?

Courtney said...

I thank you for not posting a picture!

Brittany Roscheck said...

I've found that I say "oh my gosh" WAY TOO much because Ryan now goes around and exclaims when something is cool...."Oh Gosh!" It's hard to watch yourself all the time. I probably would've said worst if I'd had seen that spider. I really hate spiders.

Rachel said...

Ya, I would have said worse! I hope you got it out and in the toilet!!! You guys are so cute :)

Jen said...

That's a good one! Big spiders creep me out too and I think you're very brave for taking care of it all by yourself. We've had some tarantulas around here and I don't like them one bit!