Saturday, February 1, 2014

Elf Fun part 3

Day 11
Marshmallows are so soft and sweet.
As you enjoy this special treat,
Remember to be kind to those you meet.

 Good thing I took a picture because the first thing the kids did when they saw this was eat up all the marshmallows. Kindness is sweet. :)

 Day 12
Here’s something that would be fun.
Let’s play a board game with everyone.

Playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

Day 13
Let’s whip up a snack of popcorn and cocoa. 
Then snuggle on the couch and watch a Christmas show.

 We watched our favorite Christmas movie: A Muppet Christmas Carol

Day 14
At Christmas we remember when Christ came to the earth
With these toys and the Bible, we can reenact his birth.

This was one of David's favorite elf activities. He loved finding the characters as I read Luke 2.

Day 15
Let’s use these crayons, it won’t be hard,
To color a pretty Christmas card.

 David and Erik learned how to draw a Christmas tree.

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