Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still Smiling

I really wanted a new family picture. We hadn't done one since baby Jack was born. So I dressed us all up in cute coordinating clothes and had my sister snap a few pictures. It was not easy getting two 4 1/2 year olds, a 22  month old, and a 2 month old to take a good picture. Surprisingly we managed to get one that isn't terrible. It's now displayed proudly on our bookshelf.

But that isn't the picture I want to share today. It's this one:

This is what life with four kids under five is like. Jack (2 months) was tired and crying, Anna (22 months) was desperately trying to be anywhere else, Erik (4 1/2 years) was whining and refusing to stand up straight, and David (4 1/2 years) was yelling and refusing to look at the camera.

This photo really shows how my life feels. Not picture perfect. Not glamorous. And often fairly frustrating.

But through it all, Steve and I are still smiling. Sometimes we're smiling to keep from losing it, but we're still smiling.

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