Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Here are some pictures from our Easter this year. We visited the Easter bunny, dyed eggs, and had an egg hunt. The boys really enjoyed themselves. We're grateful for holiday traditions that can build family memories like these.

But even as I post all these darling pictures of my boys and reflect on all the fun we had, I know that this is not the best part of Easter. Bunnies and eggs and candy are wonderful, but there are much more powerful symbols -- the cross, the bread and water, the empty tomb -- that give us hope of better todays and better tomorrows.

I want my family and friends to know, that I know Jesus Christ lives. He is the Son of God. He is risen, and because of His power over death, we will all live again. As a wife and a mother, that brings me such comfort. I know that not even death can separate me from the ones I love. Happy Easter! :)

Erik and David didn't really enjoy the Easter bunny. Maybe next year...

Erik helping Mommy decorate Easter eggs.

David helping too!

The finished products. :)

David having a fun time collecting eggs.

Erik wondering why this egg doesn't open.

Off to find some more.

One of the blessings of being a twin. Sometimes you get two Easter baskets, if only for a while.

What? We eat ground food at home. Why can't we have a little ground candy?

Erik shoved three whole whopper eggs in his mouth. He couldn't even close it, so the colored drool just kept coming. Gross! Of course I didn't have any baby wipes either, so he just had to be sticky until we got home.

It took them a bit, but they got the idea that eggs go in the basket.

They never figured out that the green basket was David's and the blue basket was Erik's. They both put eggs in both pretty equally. :)

And of course, baskets are good for more than just eggs. Other treasures (like blankets) can go in there too.

Basket-head David! :)


Angee said...

Those pictures were hilarious! Poor David and Erik not liking the Easter bunny. Hopefully next year!

Rogers Family said...

Great pics of the boys! Looks like you guys had a great easter. Thanks for sharing your testimony. It's always so uplifting to read someones testimony.

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

Your boys are so cute! I love their faces in the easter bunny picture. :)

Nichols Family said...

The boys look so cute in their Easter clothes! I love how they eat off the ground too like Sam!

Jaclyn said...

Such great memories!!

Tina said...

Ya, that Easter Bunny picture was classic. I think it takes kids awhile to get used to sitting on unusual people's laps all the time. Hopefully next year will be better.
They sure are cute. I love how creative you are when it comes to your posting. It always makes me smile!!

Karissa said...

You have seriously cute children =)