Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We love candy!

The boys really enjoyed this holiday season, mostly because of the ridiculous amounts of treats their parents and grandparents gave them. The list of holiday yummies includes root beer, egg nog, pumpkin pie, cheese cake, chocolate chip cookies, homemade caramel, candy canes, pixie stix, chocolate-covered cherries (although, not on purpose), and lots of chicken nuggets.

Erik and David both enjoy candy canes. Always have...

Erik at 4 months

David at 4 months

Always will!

Erik at 16 months

David at 16 months

This year they also learned the joy of pixie stix...

David having a taste.

It's yummy!

Erik enjoying some pixie stix.

And he approves!

They also got into a box of chocolate covered cherries. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos before I cleaned them up.

David trying not to look too guilty.

Sharing with Erik

He doesn't look too happy, but Erik signed more for 10 minutes straight afterwards. :)


Jaclyn said...

Too cute!

Jen said...

Silly babies! Don't they know that cherry cordials are the absolute worst candy every created?! I'll teach them a thing or two about good candy next time I'm out there.