Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Beach/Hollandween/The Moon

We have left 2009 behind us like a burning ship on the high seas somehow probably. We spent part of Christmas vacation visiting my Mom in California so I thought it would be great to introduce Erik and David to the beach. See, Kristi hates the beach, so if ever the boys are to be instilled with the wonder, awe, and love I have for the beach, I must be the lone instiller. (I know right? Hates the beach? Weird.) My Mom took Kristi and my sister Jennifer shopping post-Christmas Eve which created a perfect opportunity to introduce my boys to some natural wonder. My Dad and brother Jacob came along so there was probably male bonding. Jacob had no idea how to find the beach despite his claims to the contrary. He led us a merry chase before we stumbled onto what was probably a private beach. (I deduced it's private nature from the hostile/confused looks the natives gave us as we approached the water.) This beach is in Oxnard which is practically Northern California, hence our sleeve length. Here are the pictures I took or caused to have taken.

Dad and Erik, Jacob and David

Yours Truly with Mine Truly

On the way back we stopped to play in the sand. The boys love dirt indiscriminately.

Especially Erik.

With the new year upon us it is appropriate to discuss some of my Halloween antics with you, gentle readers. Or should I say Hollandween.

This is Professor Holland. He spent part of this semester stridently attempting to interest me in Civil Procedure. This is his characteristic attire: A blazer, something better than a t-shirt and blue jeans. This look is called "power jeans" and I'm not kidding. Ask Google. I asked Professor Holland whether he was aware that he is on the cutting edge of fashion, he claimed he was not aware of any such thing. You and I know the truth though, don't we? On Hollandween my class decided to give homage to professor Holland. I have pictographic evidence.

Power Jeans. All of us.

Oh yeah.

It was pretty hilarious. Professor Holland was giddy with delight right along with the rest of us. He would stop periodically during the lecture, peer out across the power-jeaned masses, and stifle a chuckle. Or maybe a tear.

In sum, here is a picture of the moon.

Pictured: The Moon


Jaclyn said...

David doesn't like the beach either but I would love to go to one again. Love the class pictures! The moon is cool.

Jen said...

Steve, you are ridiculous. ly awesome. I love you tons!

Paige said...

That Hollandween thing is pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen! You all deserve A's just for that!!