Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pictures by Angee

On Saturday we had my sister Angee take some family pictures of us at the temple grounds. She did such a great job getting my boys to look cute. Here are a few of my favorites. Thanks, Boo!

Our family as of April 18, 2009
Mommy holding David, and Daddy holding Erik.

Here are the twins playing in the grass. I think they're looking at Uncie Robby in this picture.

They sure loved the grass. We need to get out more boys!

Here is baby Erik looking so happy. He was very good at taking pictures (unusually so). It must have been Aunt Gigi's charm. :) I tried to get one of him smiling to show off his new tooth, but this was the best I could do.

Baby David was being a little fussy (I think he may be getting his first tooth too!) But we did manage to get a couple of him without a frowny face.

Mommy and baby Erik

Mommy and baby David

Daddy and his boys

I liked this one because it seemed real. Plus I liked how Steve was kissing David. This is what our life is like. Steve kissing babies and me laughing because our life is so great!


Jen said...

Darling pictures, Angee did a great job! I love the last one too.

JackandJaneyNichols said...

I love these pictures! Your sister did an excellent job. I can't believe how big your guys are getting....such a cute family!

Rachel said...

Cute Pictures!!! Cute Family!!

Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

Ah, love em!!! Maybe it is just these pics (which are absolutely adorable) but the boys seem to look more like each other than they used to. I could not tell them apart as easily and had to read the labels under each.

Jaclyn said...

Love the pictures! What a cute family :)

Nichols Family said...

You guys are one good lookin' family! Angee did a great job! Does she take pictures on the side? Jordan and I are needing to take some family pictures.

Liz said...

You are all so cute together!

Kylee said...

Very cute pictures. I also love that last picture - it definitely captures who you guys are!

Kendra said...

Cute pictures!! Love them!

Becky said...

These pics are precious! I just love their little fuzzy hair! I love seeing/meeting other twinkies, I have a twin sister :)!

Becky said...

Hey girlie! What is bringing ya'll to Fort Worth? That would be so awesome b/c I don't really no anyone here...but we are about to move closer to Plano now and that is about 45 min away :( Do you gmail chat? My email is :

I'm on there all day if you ever want to holler at me :)

Take care...and I'll keep up with your blog! Becky