Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 months old

The twins are 8 months old, and amazingly they are cuter than ever before! Erik recently cut two teeth, and they are so cute. He kind of looks like a baby hippo when he smiles. David hasn't had any teeth break through yet, but it looks like he's close. David has recently starting blowing raspberries non-stop, which can be a little frustrating when I am feeding him. He completely covered his high chair tray in disgusting blueberry rice cereal mess. Good thing their trays can go in the dishwasher! The best news is that both babies are drinking from bottles (I just tried again on a whim), and so we have officially started the weaning process. Steve calls them "weanies" and me a "weaner." I've changed the dinner nursing to a bottle, and today they even did lunch from a bottle too. They still don't love it (I can't say I blame them; formula smells gross), but they are doing pretty good. Now I just have to figure out which formula they aren't allergic to. My mom was here for the week, so she got to help take the boys' 8 month pictures. Those bears just keep getting smaller.

Baby David looking so cute. Grandma and Aunt Jen were more fun than teddy.

David found his diaper while we were taking pictures. It's his new favorite toy. Gross.

Baby Erik was being extra smiley. I couldn't get a good one of his teeth though.

His hair is getting so long! It lies flat in the front, but it still sticks straight up in the back.

When we tried to get pictures of the two boys together, they kept pulling at the blanket they were sitting on. So we gave them another blanket to play with. Of course then they kept covering up their sweet faces with the blue blanket. I picked this one to post because you can see Erik feeling his teeth with his tongue, and David has his blanket on his mouth just like how he sleeps with it.

Grandma and the twins! Thanks for playing with me all week, Mom. We miss you already!!!


KNichols said...

They are so cute and getting so big!!

Jaclyn said...

Very cute boys!

Nichols Family said...

Yay 8 months! I'm so glad that your mom was able to come play with you! Our boys are growing up too fast!

Liz said...

So so cute. I'm pretty sure the bears aren't getting smaller, though:).

Rogers Family said...

I bet it's great having your mom around to help out sometimes. I miss my mom so much. Sometimes I wonder what advice she would have for me or what new things she would want to teach my children. Your mom is awesome. It looks like she is absolutely in love with your little ones.