Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas jammies!

Every Christmas growing up, we always opened one present on Christmas eve. And it was always pajamas. As a little kid, I can only imagine I thought it was cool. I got to open a present a day early! But as an older kid I remember thinking "Pajamas?!?! I want to open something good!" My mom continues the tradition, and as an adult, I love my Christmas jammies.

We decided to carry the tradition on in our family too. So here are the kids opening their Christmas jammies on Christmas eve. Afterwards we piled in the car and went to look at Christmas lights. Now whenever the boys wear these pjs, they ask to go look at lights.

David tearing in!

And he looks pleased!

Erik going at it.


Anna opening her first Christmas present!!

Apparently, it is delicious.

All three kids in their new Christmas jammies. The boys just adore Anna.

And Anna adores them right back.

Happy, Merry Christmas Eve!!

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