Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Little Pool and Outside Chalk

Trying to stay cool despite the Texas summer heat, we purchased a plastic pool for the boys to play in. And I admit, I like to sit in it too. :)

Our apartment pool (which the boys call "the bigger pool") still isn't open, so we spend a lot of time in the "little pool."

And Steve discovered that adding "outside chalk" (that's David and Erik for sidewalk chalk) makes it even more fun! It turns to paint, and we had so much fun finger painting and making footprints.

Erik getting in the pool the "silly way."

David and Erik splashing in the little pool. David is wearing my headband because he thinks it makes him "look so cute."

Our family's footprints


ColleenandKendra said...

I can't believe your pool isn't open yet--are they nuts? If you want to bring the boys to our neighborhood pool holler at me. We have a great zero entry kiddy pool and Kendra would love to play with the boys, I'm sure!

Paige said...

That footprint picture is adorable!!!

Jen said...

I love this! Such funny boys. I love David's "look so cute". Jacob and I have started saying things like "Do I look so cute like David?" <3