Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick :(

I have to apologize for my poor blogging this month. I had a few rough days, and then Steve was really sick. The boys have been sick the last week or so too, and my house has been a disaster. We have watched a ridiculous amount of "big bird" (the boys' new favorite show), and had the most boring dinners imaginable. I'm so grateful for a husband who is willing to eat peanut butter sandwiches and quesadillas for dinner. :)

Thankfully everyone is feeling much better, and so hopefully things will be back to normal (or whatever can be considered normal around here). Here are some pictures of the boys from last week looking all sickly.

Erik watching Big Bird on the couch.

David watching Big Bird from the ground. :)


Angee said...

They are wearing the wrong color t-shirt! How am I supposed to tell them apart? ;) Love David's Beebo hanging out!

Jen said...

I love David's new "lounging time bunkin" position. so cute!

Jen said...

It's no fun to have sick kids! Glad you guys are doing better!

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

Sick or not, they're adorable!!