Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Erik's First Haircut

We gave Erik his very first haircut on September 19, 2009. We started video taping and then realized we should take a before picture with the still camera. So he has two takes of his part one video. :) He just made the cutest smile in the first part, so I wanted to post it.

He did a good job. He thought the clippers were funny, at least for awhile. He got really sick of sitting in his high chair, and it was very hard to cut his hair because it is so fine. He was crying by the time it was all over, but he had a good time in the bath afterwords. And his hair turned out pretty cute. We noticed it looks a lot lighter in color now that it is shorter.


Eri's first haircut (part 1, take 1)

Erik's first haircut (part 1, take 2)

Erik's first haircut (part 2)




Caryl Hepworth said...

I absolutely love your blog -- I check it every Thursday! They do look older with shorter hair!

Love you! Grandma H

Jaclyn said...


Jen said...

Aw, what a cutie baby!