Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Bacon.

Hello gentle viewers. I have decided to delve into the deepness of this vast array of knowledge known as the interwebs and share with you on the web log as my wife has.

She has become quite a web logger and I was impressed by the number of links running down the side of the web log. Hello to you fellow web loggers especially!

Today I had the dubious opportunity to purchase some of Wendy's new Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits. You know the advertisements. Sure they have the same pressed egg discs and horrible american cheese as the rest of the world but the way the bacon prances happily about on screen piqued my interest.

I pulled into the Wendy's parking lot and was planning to drive through the drive through (which innovation is as aptly named as any I have yet encountered) when I noticed a giant green dump truck in the drive through. Being pressed for time and somewhat boggled by it's presence I opted to park and go inside. This was a mistake.

Inside I was helped by an employee, we'll call her Disappointing Janet, who seemed competent on the surface but who in the end failed to meet my meager expectations. Where a normal person might only need a single Wendy's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit, I ordered two of Wendy's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits in order to help maintain my manly physique. My gaze wandered around the nearly empty dining area, settling briefly on a white-haired gentleman who was enjoying his breakfast alone, until after much sizzling and many dings I was presented with my Wendy's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits in a charming white paper bag. I paid and thanked Disappointing Janet before leaving.

I hopped jauntily into my car ready to enjoy two Wendy's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits and headed off to work. I unwrapped my treats/breakfast one handed, bristling with excitement over the Applewood Smoked Bacon that I would soon be enjoying when to my disgust I realized that I would not be enjoying the bacon at all. Disappointing Janet, you earned your name. In my hand I held merely a Wendy's Egg and Cheese Biscuit. Surely this heinous mistake would not be repeated with the other sandwich. Surety aside such was the case with sandwich number two.

If I had only followed that garbage truck through the drive through my order would have been handled by someone else. Now I will never know if the commercials accurately describe Wendy's bacon because I will hereby be boycotting their breakfasts. Unless I'm really hungry and they're closer than Dunkin' Donuts.


Jaclyn said...

I hate when that happens! We ordered a bunch of cheeseburgers from McDonalds once and not only did they forget the cheese but they forgot the meat, too. Pathetic :)

Kirk and Jamie said...

Okay, you have got to try the bacon, egg, and cheese crossanwich from BK. We assure you that you will not be dissapointed. Kirk, like you, is a bacon connoisseur and this is his all time favorite breakfast sandwich. Even with your unfortunate experience we may have to try Wendy's sandwich just in case its better than BK. We'll let you know the outcome, hopefully we will not be greeted by "disappointing Janet". Miss you guys. If we were closer we could all venture to BK together and sing "Numa, Numa" on the way. Ahhh..the glory days.

Paige said...

There is a Wendy's by my house and I don't think it's any exaggeration at all to say that they have NEVER gotten a single order of ours right!! Glad to hear that's a company-wide problem.

JackandJaneyNichols said...

Bacon isn't good for you.....