Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning with our babies was wonderful! I'm pretty sure they enjoyed their first Christmas as much as they possibly could have. Steve's Dad, brother, and sister all came over to enjoy the festivities. In my family, we always open one present at a time -- youngest to oldest. (We should have opened one present for the babies, one present for someone else, one present for the babies, one present for someone else, since half of the packages were for people who can't even unwrap gifts!) But to keep with tradition, I'll post a picture of our family in the order we actually opened the wonderful bounty.
Baby Erik went first, and he opened his present from Santa (with a little help from Aunt Jen).

Baby David went next, and he opened his gift from Santa too. They both got piggy banks in which to keep all the money people keep sending them.

Jake got a bunch of movies, but he made the best face when he opened our gift: The Hulk.

Jen looks so cute in her pjs! Erik just hopes she doesn't try any of her makeup tricks out on him!

I got Steve the rest of a series of books he's been reading. You can see the fire on our TV in the background. :)

This was the only picture of me that I could post. Sorry that my face isn't visible. Steve got me a beautiful mirror to hang in our front room, and he hung it too! He said the next time he gets me a gift like that, it will come with a card that says "installation not included." Thanks again, sweetheart. It looks wonderful!

I seriously didn't try to only post pictures of the gifts we got people. They were just the best pictures. Probably because we're awesome at picking out the perfect thing for each person, and so everyone looks the best when they open our gift. :) This picture is of Granddad and his new digital thermometer.

Erik fell asleep while we were opening presents. Bet that won't happen next year!

David just loved all the books he got, and of course, he loved the candy cane!

Here is Daddy with his babies. So sweet!

Steve got the twins the cutest Santa hats for Christmas. I'm sure they'll appreciate them when they're older.

This is our current desktop photo. They both look so surprised. "What is this thing doing on my head?!?!?!"

They tolerated them better later that night. Here is Baby David.

And here is Baby Erik. They look sleepy because it is time for bed and Mommy made them take one more picture. Silly Mommy.


Jaclyn said...

Glad you guys had a good Christmas!

Russ and Kylee said...

Those pics are so cute of the boys in their santa hats! Sounds like it was a fun Christmas and Christmas Eve. I have always been meaning to ask you for your dill dip recipe. I still remember you making it for Enrichment sometime, and I kept forgetting to ask for it. Can you email it to me please? It is DELICIOUS!

JackandJaneyNichols said...

Oh, David and Erik look so cute with their santa hats on. Such handsome boys....can't be cause of Steve (just kidding, don't cry Steve) It was really good seeing your guys at Josh's bday dinner. You all look really good. Happy New Year! xoxox Janey

Rogers Family said...

its stacey guthrie, now rogers! i have to say that your little boys are so cute! Are twins as fun as everyone says they are? I have two boys Isaac 3 and Ben 2!They keep me busy, but im sure its nothing comapred to what you are experiencing.

Jen said...

Looks like a really fun Christmas! I'm sure neither one will fall asleep next year. Cute little family!

Yankee Girl said...

The Santa hat pictures are so cute!

Rachel said...

Oh that picture with the boys crying with the Santa hats on kills me!! Soooo cute!